The whip is my standard all around thruster for everyday conditions. It has a sneaky amount of foam throughout the board, med/full rails, single to double concave and mid range rocker that works well in a variety of conditions.  


The Riviera has been a very requested board of mine due to its ease of use for most skill levels yet very capable under the feet of people wanting to push it.The board works great in a wide variety of waves and conditions from waist high to well overhead. The Riviera has a simple yet versatile plan-shape which allows me to offer it in various versions with subtle tweaks to best suit the designs.
Typical lengths are between 6’8 to 7’4 with widths between 20 5/8 to 21 1/2 and desired thickness
The Riviera can be ordered as a channeled twin, Quad,
or Single fin + sidebites.

My deserted island board if I had to choose one....usually I'd say my shortboard or a twin fish but I don't think any board covers the bases like this board does. It'll get you through the small stuff, carving through the good stuff and hold in the bigger stuff. What more could you really ask for... a snap? pffff.


The baron is a hybrid winged twin, between a fish and a shortboard. The lower overall rocker and blend of concaves make this board fast and loose. This board really shines in punchy waist to slightly overhead surf. Skatier then your shortboard, snappier then your fish. It's just fun.


The "Tuan Fish" was made to be a a short boarders fish. A super fun twin fin with plenty of drive for when the waves are lacking.. but make no mistake this board handles overhead and some juice all the same. low entry rocker for paddle ease and a bit more rocker in the tail to allow for tighter turning radius and more hold. The familiar single to double concave and a little V out the tail makes this board really easy to transition to from your shortboard and back and keeps things lively. A necessity


The Motorhead is simple, fast and full of style. Best in shoulder to overhead surf with some juice and face to work with. The first thing you'll notice is how smooth the board feels. The relaxed entry rocker and blend of slight concave/double to channel V keeps the board fast and responsive with plenty of hold through big turns. Typically comes with a flat deck and stepped rails, giving you extra paddle power and flow but the sensitivity of your usual high performance shortboard rails. Ride same/slightly longer than your typical shortboard or 1-2" longer than your height. Im 5'11 175 and like to ride a 6'2 x 19 5/8 x 2 1/2."


A fast drivey quad fin for sub par to good days in the waist to head high range. Fun in the pocket or hunting down an air section.

Asymmetrical Designs

Asymmetrical designs are some of my favorite to both ride and shape and are custom by request only. 


Send an email to get started with a custom board order.

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